Why Cupkeiki?

Who am I? Some know me by: Chola Lo, Frida, Lowski, LoLo
I once was Tu Madre but my momma made me change my derby name =(

My love for all the bakery in the world. Keiki in Hawaii means little kid. And what a perfect name! I love cakes and Cupcakes are little versions of cakes. So I thought perfect! CupKeiki!

Recipes that are copyrighted will be noted as so but these will be mainly recipes that were given to me or that i've tweaked to my own tastebuds.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gluten Free Baking?

Sugar, Butter, Flour.  All the things I love to mix when baking.

Because I have hypothyroidism, I haven't baked much.  I mean I can, it's just that I'll want to eat all that tasty goodness and I'm really doing my best (at times) to stay away from it.

Dang thyroid.

However, I would like to start experimenting with baking goods that will be Gluten Free.  First i must find a GF Flour mix that will stand up to the recipe's i love.

Because I'm following a strict plan that not only disallows Gluten, but on my naughty list includes the staples in any chola's cabinet of: Sugar, Butter, Alcohol (hey it's used to make extract) and I'm sure some other items that i can't bear to type that may inhibit my endocrine.

But if I'm good 80% of the time...i can be just a little naughty 10% of the time.  Hey the 10% went to the 'give or take a few' category. =)